Interior Designin Jeddah

Luxury residences are meticulously crafted to offer a luxurious living experience within a breathtaking high-end setting adorned with refined and aristocratic features. The interior design in Jeddah by the esteemed Modenese Luxury Interiors studio is renowned for its grandeur and meticulous artistry. Eternal gorgeous classics take on a fresh appearance of refinement, passion, and elegance in the works of the elite design studio Modenese Luxury Interiors.

Classic luxury interior design in Jeddah: Exquisite living room furniture blends traditions for a lavish ambiance.

Classic Villa Design in Jeddah

The classic interior design never goes out of style; no modern design can rival the elegance of the classics. This design accentuates the property’s prestige and reflects the refined taste of its owners. The traditional style living room by Modenese Luxury Interiors is both attractive and functional, is a challenge to achieve as all the details are carefully handmade and crafted, yet it stands as one of the cherished styles in Saudi Arabia.

Luxurious Modenese armchair: the pinnacle of high-end interior design ideas, melding comfort with unparalleled elegance
Classical style TV stand and vitrines enrich luxury living room design with elegance and functionality.

When developing classic luxury projects in Jeddah, the team at Modenese Luxury Interiors meticulously assesses and brings to life all of the important features of a classic living room design:

  • The use of traditional wood handcrafting methods;
  • Integration of high-end designer furniture crafted from natural wood, alongside antique pieces and vintage interior accessories;
  • Inclusion of artworks adorned in ornate frames;
  • Enhancement of furniture fabrics and draperies;
  • A diverse array of accessories such as crystal vases, candlesticks, and flowers showcased in luxurious vase stands.

The living room design by Modenese Luxury Interiors features luxury wall panels with gold-plated embellishments that harmonize beautifully with the fabric of the sofa and armchairs with characteristic curved legs with beautiful carvings. Baroque consoles and coffee tables constructed of solid wood complement the furnishings.

The curtains for the living room, crafted from fine and noble silk in a stunning shade of brown with artistic lambrequin accents, were meticulously selected by Modenese Luxury Interiors decorators to complement the decor. Additionally, the living room’s fabric choices and wall color are enhanced by graceful and splendid traditional drapery in a gorgeous shade of beige, completing the refined ambiance.

Elegant Baroque furniture in Jeddah Majilis by Modenese Luxury Interiors, showcasing opulence and sophisticated craftsmanship


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