Luxury Fit Outin Dubai

Modenese Luxury Interiors is a well-known company that specializes in luxury interior design and fit-out services in Dubai. The work of the interior design studio exemplifies the highest qualities of originality, talent, and competence. As a luxury interior design company in Dubai, Modenese’s team is capable of creating a classic design that exceeds clients’ expectations, working on projects with exceptionally skilled and experienced teams ensuring exceptional results.

Dubai's empire-style classic dining room created by Italian artisans exudes classical luxury and timeless elegance

Classic Villa Design in Dubai

Investing in luxury property in a prestigious city like Dubai entails a commitment to crafting a beautiful and comfortable environment that resonates with the city’s architectural ethos and reflects the unique character of each family member. Let’s explore a house design in Dubai characterized by its charming classical themes.

The living room serves as the focal point where the owners’ ideals of life and appreciation for beauty and classics converge. Warmth is represented in a warm palette of colors. There is no unnecessary glitz and flare, yet every element speaks to the house’s dignity. Matte plaster in soothing beige tones adorns the walls complementing ornamental features such as bas-relief and paintings. Velvet has a significant part in textile design. The overarching objective of a luxury design project in Dubai is to cultivate a welcoming ambiance infused with a sense of prestige and comfort.

Handcrafted Italian inlaid wood cabinets and credenza made in Italy add grandeur to Dubai villas created by Italian designers
Classic customizable sofa made in Italy brings luxury and classic style to the Majilis for luxury Dubai villa

Luxury Classic Interior Design In Dubai

The term “luxury house design” refers to a home where excellence thrives, showcasing an impeccable fusion of materials, textures, and colors. Luxury materials are used in the most expensive interiors. Wallpapers of the highest quality, parquet flooring, marble, and the finest textiles. Each of these materials is intriguing and adaptable in its own right. All of these materials are used by the designers of Modenese Luxury Interiors to craft immersive environments of warmth and grandeur.

Luxury Furniture In Dubai

With our experienced designers and skilled furniture craftsmen, Modenese Luxury Interiors has the expertise to transform your home into a completely revitalized environment. Through extensive research and a comprehensive style guide, we guide you toward realizing the home of your dreams. Our designs range from simple to sophisticated, catering to diverse tastes with impeccable attention to detail. Every nook and cranny has been meticulously examined to create a place full of surprises. We have an excellent design approach and practice it consistently.

As a premier furniture manufacturer, we pride ourselves on crafting royal furniture designs that are considered masterpieces, a testament to our exceptional abilities and extensive expertise in furniture design. The artworks we produce are revered worldwide, reflecting our commitment to producing high-quality pieces.

From luxury furniture to an array of home décor items, we provide everything you need to complete your house’s interior design. To fulfill the comprehensive decoration requirements of our clients, we blend our manufacturing prowess with research into a variety of trendy materials.

For years, the Italian brand Modenese Luxury Interiors has been at the forefront of developing and modernizing decorations and furniture, emphasizing the natural softness, warmth, and tactile quality of our creations. Our showroom in Dubai stands as a premier destination, offering a wide selection of luxurious and trendy furniture, along with comprehensive home décor solutions, to fulfill the aspirations of royal style furnishings in every home. Modenese Luxury Interiors epitomizes luxury classic design, presenting a selection that elevates any space it graces.

In the classic style of living room design, the heart of luxury resides in the main room of the house. Every detail reflects the owners’ embodiment of aristocracy, hospitality, and the ability to indulge in the finest. The interior exudes simplicity and elegance, enveloping the space in comfort and serenity through a muted color palette.

Ceiling design serves as a strategic element in delineating the living room, seamlessly merging with the dining area. Symmetrically positioned chandeliers define the zones, encircled by lush stucco embellishments in intricate curls. Gypsum stucco molding adds a luxurious touch to the interior, adorned with delicate pilasters enhancing wall decorations.

Luxury parquet flooring emanates warmth and coziness, further accentuated by the addition of natural carpets, completing the ambiance of comfort and serenity within this magnificent abode.

Modenese Interiors – Interior Design Studio In Dubai

The interior design studio in Dubai, Modenese Luxury Interiors is involved in architectural design and interior design projects and furniture manufacturing.

Professional interior designers provide a comprehensive variety of major and project interior design services throughout construction. From concept sketches through functional drawings and project implementation, we’ve got you covered. Each of our projects is the product of a one-on-one meeting with the customer and consideration of the conditions. The greatest method to accomplish your desires is to take an unconventional approach to design. Our knowledge allows us to provide a high quality of interior design and architecture to our customers, including normal, standard facilities as well as one-of-a-kind interiors with custom designs and decorations. We create homes and apartment interiors, as well as offices, stores, restaurants, and cafés, as well as public and sports facility rehabilitation projects. The work begins with the design assignment, which defines and explains the customer’s requests in terms of the entire area, the number of floors, the size, quantity, and purpose of the premises, requirements for the design of facades, and customer preferences in selecting aesthetic interiors.

Venetian-designed Baroque sofa from Italy, perfect for a Dubai villa's opulent living room made by Italian designers


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